Welcome to OBodies

OBodies Limited is operating in the fastest growing market segment in Biotechnology alongside antibodies. OBodies Ltd's products, high affinity proteins (HAP's), provide several advantages over antibody proteins currently available in the market.

  • Unique patent position and freedom to operate.
  • Cost effective production systems compared to monoclonal antibodies.
  • Stability, OBodies do not require refrigeration as monoclonal antibodies do, and so can be used in rapid diagnostic test kits in harsh environments for example.
  • OBodies are less than 10% of the size of monoclonal antibodies which means applications in areas where monoclonal antibodies cannot compete, e.g. intracellular applications, targeting DNA/RNA.
  • Customised binding and specificity to the target provides flexibility to choose HAP's for a range of applications difficult to achieve with monoclonal antibodies.

OBodies is seeking partnerships and early market access collaborations for the continued development of its technology.

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